Monday, August 28, 2006


A brief about me...

Hello, fellow Wolverines! I wanted to use this first post to tell you a little bit about myself and what I hope you will get out of this blog. Apologies for the length; I am long-winded.

I hail from Rochester, MI and am the oldest of 3. My parents are from India, but I was born in Flint. I like reading, hiking/camping, traveling, music...generally, adventures of the mind body and soul.

Okay, now the relevant stuff :) I am a 2003 LGA graduate and I dual-majored in Psychology and Art History. I switched my mind about what I wanted to do throughout college...started out (like everyone) pre-med, then pre-business, then Chemistry/French, then Psych, then pre-law, etc.etc.etc., then I said 'screw it all, I'm going to study what I LIKE to study' which ended up being Art History.

After school, I took a job irrelevant to all of the above! In fall term of my senior year I embarked on a job hunt, like many of you will very soon, deciding that I was not ready to go back to school, nor was I ready to decide on a career at age 21. So I pursued everything, and ended up at Target Corporation in Minneapolis as a Business Analyst. After deciding I needed to become a Midwest Ex-Pat, I moved to NYC and worked for Tiffany & Co. in a similar capacity.

About a year ago, I became restless with the working world and decided to go back to school, business school that is. So I began the rigorous process of applying to school. 1 GMAT, 4 recommendations, 27 essays, 5 applications, 4 interviews, and $1500 later, I was a potential MBA candidate at 5 schools. I was accepted into 2 (Michigan and Duke) and find myself once again at Michigan!!

To summarize, here are *some* things that I hope you will ask questions about:

Although this blog will be mainly devoted to Business School experiences, I am happy to field concerns/questions about any of the above, and much more. For now, I must get back to MBA orientation!

I've got a question....

What resources/tools did you use to first find these two jobs?
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