Monday, September 25, 2006


it's be...a Michigan Wolverine...

-GO ROSS! The Stephen M. Ross School of Business was ranked #1 by the Wall Street Journal this past week! Yay!!

-GO JOBS! If you're following my blog you'll know it's only the third full week of classes
and already recruiting season is in FULL swing! This early in the year, corporations are normally here to recruit second-year MBAs for full-time jobs, but they realize the need (and our drive) for the first-year students to begin to learn about their corporations (and start schmoozing), so they generally lump corporate presentations into their campus visits. And there are about 20-25 of said presentations per week (it'll only pick up from there, I sense). My schedule has now become a balancing act of: class, homework, group meetings, corporate presentations, OCD (office of career dev.) workshops, resume reviews (and reviews...and reviews...), club meetings, social events, and a social life...oh yeah, sleeping and eating too, sometimes! What I've learned thus far is to pick and choose; the 80-20 rule, right? Not everything will get completely finished. This is hard for us type-A personalities to swallow, but it's a necessary pill. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is where to fit the GYM into that schedule...and it's becoming more and more apparent that I need to!

-GO BLUE! The football team is ranked #6 in the nation for the 2nd week in a row; killer performances against Notre Dame and Wisconsin have kept the spirit alive here on campus. It definitely offers a retreat from what has become an exTREmely packed schedule during the week...but of course, in true 'good student' fashion, a few of us were parked in front of the TV during the ND game with our accounting problems scattered worries though, we had a beverage of choice to make us feel a bit more normal! :)

so, it's definitely be.....a Michigan's great!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Finding Jobs.

Hi All,

I'll use a question that someone left as the focus of today's post.
-What resources/tools did you use to first find these two jobs?

To find my first job out of college, I aggressively utilized the career resources available through the University, specifically, the Career Planning and Placement center. They used to have something called MonsterTRAK, but I believe it's slightly different got a point allocation per term and they were used to bid on interviews for companies you're interested in. I also HIGHLY recommend going to the Career Fair in the fall. Dress professional, bring several copies of your resume, and come prepared to ask questions to potential employers. If I recall, the Fair takes over the entire Union and there are TONS of companies there. I got a few closed-list interviews simply b/c I dedicated my time to this day! FYI, I attempted to do a self-directed search, but found that for new graduates, it was tough to break into a company simply by cold-calling/emailing...especially since I did not have a BBA. (note that 2002-03 was a very tough year to get a job). However, don't ignore,, etc. at the very least, they can help you see what's out there.

To find the Tiffany & Co. position in NY, it was a bit easier (but not much) because I had some experience under my belt. I relied heavily on (I like it better than Monster) and ultimately, Tiffany ended up contacting me after reviewing my resume online. In general though, once you have some experience (even an internship) NEVER underestimate the power and value of networking!! Keep connections alive, even if it's once or twice a year, to remind your connections of who you are and what you're doing. I still have a solid network of past co-workers at several different companies that I would be able to use for anything regarding my career. Let me know if you have questions on networking...

One note about resumes: I can't tell you how important it is to have a concise, clear, impactful resume. I helped out with recruiting activities at Target Corporation and saw the good, bad, and ugly...spend a LOT of time on your resume, refining and rewriting, and have someone who is good at resume-writing look at it at each step of the way. If possible, use a friend at the B-School! They have premier resume-writing skills because they have to. :)

Again, this is just my two cents; the Career Planning & Placement office has career advisers whose lifeblood is to help you!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


bought a planner today...

Today was our second day of class and already I feel SO busy! I've had one of each lecture so far, and all of them had homework and/or reading that we had to complete before the first day of class. On top of that, we have the MBA Games on Friday (yes, the MBAs get a field day...just like in grade school!) and the 'Shout Off' the night before, during which each section comes up w/cheers. I am leading the Shout Off for our section, with one other girl. Oh yeah, also last night were section elections to elect section leadership...I am one of the Global Citizenship representatives for our section. Oh also, I applied to be the Webmaster for the Wolverine Wine Club. Don't forget the Happy Hours tomorrow, Friday, and the Tailgating/Game action on Saturday. We have group work on Sunday, and a quiz a week from next Monday...and tonight was 'Meet the Clubs' night. Here is the true list of all of the clubs/etc. I have brochures from and want to attend kick-off meetings for:
So, word to the wise...if you are thinking about going to business school...when you get there, arrive with a really good PLANNER!!

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