Wednesday, September 06, 2006


bought a planner today...

Today was our second day of class and already I feel SO busy! I've had one of each lecture so far, and all of them had homework and/or reading that we had to complete before the first day of class. On top of that, we have the MBA Games on Friday (yes, the MBAs get a field day...just like in grade school!) and the 'Shout Off' the night before, during which each section comes up w/cheers. I am leading the Shout Off for our section, with one other girl. Oh yeah, also last night were section elections to elect section leadership...I am one of the Global Citizenship representatives for our section. Oh also, I applied to be the Webmaster for the Wolverine Wine Club. Don't forget the Happy Hours tomorrow, Friday, and the Tailgating/Game action on Saturday. We have group work on Sunday, and a quiz a week from next Monday...and tonight was 'Meet the Clubs' night. Here is the true list of all of the clubs/etc. I have brochures from and want to attend kick-off meetings for:
So, word to the wise...if you are thinking about going to business school...when you get there, arrive with a really good PLANNER!!

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