Tuesday, November 28, 2006


What to do with life?

One of the great things about going to a business school as prestigious as Michigan (Harvard, Wharton, etc.) is that you really are being molded for success, leadership, and pretty much anything you want to do, anywhere you want to go. It's incredible how much recruiting, classes, and other activities show this.

However, this presents the tough (albiet great) issue of there is TOO MANY OPTIONS!! When you are like me and did not come into business school with a set idea of what you want to do, it gets extremely messy to wade through the multitude of options that line up with your personal and professional interests. Note that I said "personal" as well - the options are so broad that you don't actually have to go back to a job you'll hate for the rest of your life! So what's great is I am able to start weeding out career options that are personally uninteresting (finance, i-banking, HR) and can focus on careers through which I can make my best impact on the world.

In my next post (this upcoming weekend) I will talk a bit about a class I'm taking that is really interesting called "Business Strategies at the Base of the Pyramid" - how multinationals and other companies can enter the consumer base that is the 4billion poor people in the world. It's been a semi-career-changing course!

Monday, November 13, 2006



Hello, umich cyberspace. Your long-lost bschool student reporting from Ann Arbor...

First off, GO BLUE this weekend in the most anticipated game of the season! I am going (stupidly?) to Columbus to tailgate, support the team, and hang out w/AAUM in Ohio. It should be a ridiculous time...

Anyways, I will post 2-3 entry's worth since I have admittedly been "slacking".

1) First round of exams. Let's just say, it was like someone decided to schedule a root canal, apendectomy, wisdom tooth extraction, and emergency knee surgery one day after another for four days in a row. Okay, okay, so perhaps they weren't THAT bad. But, it is amazing how much you realize you have actually learned in 6 weeks...and how little of it you retained! I survived my first round of grad finals and ended up with 2 "passes" and 2 "excellents" as course grades. (no letter grades in Bschool - instead, classes are graded on curves - 25% "excellent", 35% "good", 35% "pass", and 5% "low pass" or "fail"). phew! I'm not failing yet! :)

2) West Coast Forum. Many companies on the W Coast do not recruit at Michigan, so we bring the party to them over Fall Break {yes, Bschoolers get a whole week off in between quarters!} and about 110 Ross students attended the forum out in San Francisco. To give you an idea, Fall Break is actually called "Professional Development Week" so there were forums all over the country...2 in NYC, 1 in Chicago, 1 in Boston, 1 in DC, and 1 out in San Fran. I decided on the San Fran one since I was already out there to run a half-marathon. A word of advice re: these forums: know why you are going, and research the companies before you go!! I did not get much out of it and I wish I had spent more time doing those things. I did, however, want to buy the new iPod shuffle after Apple's "Joz" spoke as the keynote.

3) New courses. We continue the core (last term it was Corporate Strategy, Microeconomics, Financial Accounting, and Business Statistics). This term it's Finance (BLECH), Marketing, and Org Behavior. I opted to take an elective as well: Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid. So far, I am enjoying every class except for Finance; what's funny is I am really good at math, but have no prior exposure to financial concepts. It's tough.

4) Internship hunt! My Investment Banking/Finance friends are already jet-setting to NYC or Chicago for interviews. I am focusing my on-campus search on consulting, but it is no walk in the park...consulting interviews are case-based interviews that pretty much make-or-break your chances for a second round of interviews. People are already starting to practice cases...I haven't yet, but my first session will be this Sunday. Additionally, I am exploring long-term career options since I view an internship in consulting as a 'trial period'. If I don't like it, by starting the long-term search NOW I will already have a network to call on when I get back to Ann Arbor next fall. Yep, we have to plan that far ahead...

5) Other, Misc:
-The interpersonal...er, relationship aspect of business school! It's always interesting when you get similar people around each other for extended periods of time.
-Being close to home again is strange. My mom expects to see me sometimes. I haven't been home (1 hr away) since August and won't be until Thanksgiving. She's kinda mad. But, understands I am tooooo busy.
-Deciding where I'd like to live post-bschool...is tough since I basically want to live everywhere. I am leaning towards heading back to NYC though...

okay that's it for now folks. Will report back after Columbus!!

Please leave me questions as it will help facilitate postings on this blog!!


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