Monday, December 11, 2006


Nearing the end of term.

So I cannot believe that it has only been 3 months and it seems like a lifetime of accomplishments, friends made, and steps taken towards my future. I'm now in the stage of the job hunt when companies are on campus all the time, taking us out to dinner, wining and dining us, singling us out for closed lists. It's also the time when people start panicking that they are behind (me) and that they need to decide what to do in life (me) and additionally, getting really interested in classes and wanting to do a lot academically (me).

Which brings me to my next topic pertaining to the job hunt and demand for MBAs...recruiting season and etiquette. Here are some do's and don'ts that I have observed. Please note these are just my observations! (But I'm a pretty intuitive person).

*be on time to events!
*dress professionally.
*have breathmints on hand!
*turn your cell phone off...haven't you learned this by now...
*even if you don't know squat about the firm, pay attention to their presentation. this way when you are chatting with people later, you can ask a meaningful question.
*know your resume so you can "sell yourself". even when you're talking casually, you're still being evaluated. believe it.
*leave when appropriate.

*ask stupid questions. yes. there are stupid questions. don't ask someone "so what does your firm do" or "what offices do you have and how would I preference them". you haven't gotten anywhere yet, and you certainly won't with a clueless attitude.
*be annoying. if you're in a circle with a lot of other students (these circles ALWAYS form), be respectful and ask one question when appropriate. your other students hate you otherwise, and the associate will definitely be taking note.
*think you're ever NOT being evaluated! i have friends who are an active recruiters and they are always evaluating, always.
*go if you know you are not interested in the firm, just to get face time with corporations. just don't.
*get drunk at corporate events. enough said. be tactful.

So that's the shortlist. There's a longlist too, but I will save that for next month when I am in the thick of it. I'll post later this week about the end of term and my thoughts on the fact that 1/4 of my coursework is completed.....scary......


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