Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Break, Recruiting, etc.

Hi cyberwolverines,

We meet again after too long of an absence. I apologize again, such is the life of a bschooler. Ok, I had 3 weeks off yes, but avoided all things school-related! Here are some updates:

-Grades first term were pretty good...not as wonderful as I would have liked, but ahead of the curve I guess. But it doesn't matter! Yes, the rumors you've heard are true...grades don't matter in BSchool. Except if you are going for I-Banking, then I think they do.

-Time off was spent mainly in Detroit with my family, and a lot of people came into town which was nice. I worked out a decent amount, and also ate a decent amount :) The last leg of my break was spent in California for the (sigh) Rose Bowl...despite the game, it was a spectacular time and I ended up also discovering (and loving!) San Diego.

-Classes this term: 2 cores (operations, managerial accounting) and 1 sort-of core (world economy: which is basically Thomas Friedman's book over 12 course lectures...). Not that any of this matter since classes have taken a MAJOR backseat for the month of January while....drumroll....recruiting is in full swing!

-Recruiting: I have 4 interviews next week, 3 for consulting firms and 1 for an internal consulting role. Ah, I'm pretty nervous, but feel I am a bit more prepared than my peers as I've been discovering while mock interviewing with them. But it's all about gametime, least I don't get nervous during interviews, thank goodness.

-Other: The UMBSA Winter Formal (read: prom) is coming up in a few weeks. That should be fun, and by fun I mean 'shitshow' since about 1/2 of our class will have just finished hardcore recruiting and interviewing and we will all be ready to get our drink/dance on! What thinking about leadership roles I want to take on next year, and I think besides my current involvement with the Wine Club, I will pursue leadership of a couple of 'global citizenship' (read: volunteer) type of clubs, mainly because I disagree with the way they are currently run...remember, it's all about leading in thought and action and making a difference! :)

So that's all I can think of for right now. Please leave comments as I am sure many of you undergrads are in the process of either grad school apps, recruiting, job search, or other exciting life changes!

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